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Software Development

Do you have tricky problems within software engineering to solve, or do you need an augmented team to drive change in how your process is working when delivering software?

software development

Your future partner

Assembling a team of outstanding engineers with the right combination of skills for your company is risky, time-consuming and, frankly, quite difficult. Once assembled, keeping that team together and maintaining a high-performance work culture is challenging. We are the solution to avoiding such risk and runaway costs.

Let us grow your business

We are a company of attentive and agile system developers, ready to hear your needs. We’ll hear you out and ensure we have a firm understanding of your business model. We will work closely with you to realize your wishes and ideas into a reliable and stable solution. Our iterative way of work guarantees that the solution we build together with you will fulfil your business’ needs. As our client, you are an integral part of our development process, and you will be included in it, all the way.

Seasoned veterans

Our engineers are used to working in complex systems, legacy firmware and cutting edge technologies, where demands on security, performance and user experience are paramount. As a consultancy company delivering expert teams to our clients, our engineers possess a high adaptability and keen sense of responsibility towards their work. At Piktiv, we go above and beyond, we strive to deliver excellence.

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High quality software

With unmatched transparency and inclusivity into our process, we’ll provide you with tight feedback loops during our development process. To us, it’s the only way to truly achieve high quality software that exactly matches your business needs and provides a scalable solution.

Dedicated developers

We care about our work, and that begins with you. We go beyond our deep interest in technology and commit ourselves to understanding your business case. We are with you, all the way.

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