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Fria holding a presentation at Örebro University about software development

A presentation of 4 factors that can make or break your team

Fria Khorshid

What makes a team successful? Working with other people can be very challenging if not done correctly. In this talk I highlight 4 factors that set a team up for success.

Setting up a team for success, regardless of industry, is something that many struggle with. I believe that there are 4 factors that every team should have in place to reduce misunderstandings, friction, ineffectiveness and increase cooperation, efficiency and overall quality. These are communication, vision, empowerment and learning

Having clear and precise communication within the team along with a shared, well defined vision and clear goals for success increases the efficiency of the team significantly. Combine this with empowering your team members to make decisions relevant to their work without the need of supervising, where possible, and you foster an environment where every team member feels responsibility and accountability for their work, further increasing efficiency.

As teams reach higher levels of performance, they must not become complacent in their learning. Building a strong learning culture where knowledge is shared amongst the team members ensures that the team will continue to stay on top of their game. 

In conclusion, communication, vision, empowerment, and learning are fundamental to building high-performing teams.


"By working with these factors daily, leaders can foster an environment of innovation, ensuring teams not only meet but exceed their goals." - Fria Khorshid