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Introduction to TDD and Code Katas

Patrik Gustafsson

In this lunch talk, we delve into the essentials of Test Driven Development (TDD) and Code Katas, foundational practices in software development aimed at enhancing code quality and developer proficiency.

During the session, we introduced the concept of TDD as a methodology focused on iterative development driven by writing tests first, followed by code implementation. We explored using Code Katas, picking an easy kata to be able to focus on the practices we want to learn. We touched on Ensamble working, and practicing TDD together to learn together in teams.

During the demonstration, we created a list of examples, sometimes called a test list. In this session, we used the baby steps pattern. And implemented one by one using the red-green-refactor pattern. In addition, Patrik taught the Ensemble roles Navigator-Typist-Observer to lower the threshold to practice this with their teams.

In conclusion, we emphasized the value of incorporating TDD and Code Katas into our development workflows to enhance code quality, accelerate learning, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

"Let's embrace these practices as catalysts for technical excellence and innovation in our projects." - Patrik Gustafsson