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Dipping the toe

A presentation of Generative Machine Learning in Product Development

Victor Björkgren

A presentation of a curated sample of the work that Victor did involving AI at Saab.

As a presentation of applied examples of Generative AI usage, this presentation gives a sample of applications that are not the main use cases often shown in media. This includes the generative design of warheads, which was very successfully implemented at Saab and has shown numerous cases of business value.

Other than this it shows use cases of a Probabilistic Diffusion model for graph generation, battling generative nets, and visual saliency modeling. A key takeaway from this is that much more can be modeled than usually portrayed, and just starting with machine learning can be wildly beneficial.

Victor AI presentation 1

"Just starting off and dipping the toe into machine learning can be wildly beneficial." - Victor Björkgren