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Game Development

We are Game Development Studios' best friend; we exist to help other studios make the best game they can by assisting in any area of development.

game development

Teams, not individuals!

A consultant team from Piktiv is a well-oiled machine that’s ready to hear your thoughts and ideas and bring them to reality.

Piktiv believes the best software is produced when the team as a whole takes ownership of the product they develop. We pride ourselves on our long track record of delivering both great software as well as great consultants. Piktiv is an organization built around learning and we always strive to learn both from team members as well as cross-team.

When working with Piktiv you don’t just get one or more extra resources to allocate to your development; you get a competent development team with a well established structure and way-of-work.




Piktiv has excellent experience with porting, particularly when it comes to porting for mobile. The cases we can talk about highlight their respective complexity, something we pride ourselves in tackling head on.

We’re not limited to mobile ports though, and look forward to extending our cases, especially when it comes to consoles. Through our work we have established a great relationship with Microsoft and would be very interested in porting to XBOX.


With Co-development, you’ll get a dedicated strike force team that does what needs to be done in order to deliver the game on time. It’ll offload the work of scaling up your organization through recruitment as well, removing the time consuming work of finding candidates.


Specialist Consulting

Specialist Consulting is for anyone who has a very specific problem that needs to be solved, whether it be in networking, rendering or any other area of game development. Specialist Consulting will offload the important work you don’t have time for, and will clear the obstacles that stand in your way to making a great game.

Customer case

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Welcome to Piktiv, a home to world class experts!

Piktiv is a growing, stable company where you'll have the opportunity to further develop your professional skills as we continue to grow, either as a generalist or a specialist.

Join us!



We're more than happy to have a chat with you and hear about your studio's current needs!

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