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Seminar with Patrik Gustafsson at Agila Sverige

At Piktiv, we are thrilled to announce that our talented team member, Patrik Gustafsson, will be performing a speech and organizing a workshop at the upcoming Agila Sverige Conference, which takes place on May 30-31. This conference is a highlight for many thought leaders in our field, known for its dynamic format and interactive sessions.

The Speech: Att Lära sig Att Lära

Patrik's speech, "Att Lära sig Att Lära: Utforska Effektiva Strategier och Teorier för Personligt Framsteg," will explore effective learning strategies and personal development theories, offering practical insights to help individuals maximize their learning potential and achieve their goals.

The Workshop: Improvolution: Hur Improv Kan Hjälpa Ditt Mjukvaruteam

In his workshop, "Improvolution: Hur Improv Kan Hjälpa Ditt Mjukvaruteam," Patrik will demonstrate how improvisational theater principles can enhance creativity and collaboration in software teams through interactive exercises and real-world applications.

Join Us at Agila Sverige

The Agila Sverige Conference is not just about listening to talks; it's about engaging with diverse formats like lightning talks, workshops, open space sessions, and meaningful conversations between sessions. It’s this variety and interaction that make it such a valuable experience.

We invite you to join us on May 30-31 and experience the wealth of knowledge and innovation that Agila Sverige has to offer. Check out Patrik's sessions and explore the full program for the conference. Checkout Agila Sverige's event site for available tickets, and we hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for more updates and stories of success from our incredible team at Piktiv!