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Mercari Group - Expanding business and locating valuable customers


Mercari Group is a parent company that has 9 subsidiaries within the car industry in Sweden. Piktiv started working with Mercari Group in 2014 with the aim of helping them transition into the digital world as the car industry is known for being traditional in their marketing strategies.

Piktiv assisted Mercari Group in navigating different digital marketing channels, understanding their competitors' behavior in the market, and finding cost-effective ways to drive traffic and conversions to their different establishments.


Collaboration started


Car Establishments



A lot has happened since we started, for the good! Since 2014 when we started working with them, they have gone from 3 to 9 car establishments. During this time we have had the chance to grow together with them, helping them with more practical services such as digital tools but also internal knowledge. Educating new staff at Mercari Group within digital marketing to be able to lay out how the marketing planning could look like based on their goals and industry. Withing this also acts as an extension for their media and budget planning staff when needed.

The focus of the collaboration has shifted over time, depending on where Piktiv and Mercari Group see a need. Sometimes the focus is on ad-related issues, such as planning ad material or finding the right search words for search ads that drive conversions. All of this is to find out which channels the buyers are on, how to drive them to conversion, and cost-effectively do this. Sometimes the focus is more on how to track insights on the website that can be connected to real purchase value or even procuring a new web.


Each of Mercari Group's establishments has a different focus within the car industry. Therefore, Piktiv has had to tailor solutions to each establishment depending on factors that can impact marketing. Piktiv has acted as a strategic function to guide Mercari Group through changes and help them navigate budget changes or new webs. Piktiv has also worked with Mercari Group to create an overall picture of how all types of marketing channels can impact sales, including radio and local car dealers. Mercari Group has shown great interest in learning about digital marketing which has made it easier to discuss opportunities and tests that are made.


Together with the client, we had the chance to learn about the search market and how it has changed over time. With this, we have learned how to optimize searches targeting the client products and services and by that be cost-effective and reach a greater amount of people in their buying stage.

We have adapted to the client's needs and acted as a digital partner with practical digital tools and guidance along the way. New opportunities were found to compete with other car companies through search and display marketing.

There are possibilities to track offline conversions by integration with the client's business system and digital marketing to work more effectively and with real conversion value. This is a process that takes time and needs to be customized to each establishment's specific conditions.

Working with Piktiv enables a deep understanding of digital marketing and has created a stable platform. By providing us with vital information, reports and insights in our market, Piktiv has been and will continue to be a useful resource.

Amanda Grändsjö, Marketing Coordinator 




Jonathan Kronstrand,

Marketing Coordinator at Mercari Group


Amanda Grändsjö,

Marketing Coordinator at Mercari Group 

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