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Impulso - A game changing system for retail industry


Impulso is a startup that aims to revolutionize the retail industry by creating a more efficient and eco-friendly circular ecosystem within supply chains. It was founded by entrepreneurs with extensive industry knowledge. The client required a development team that could deliver the desired functionality at a good pace. Initially, Piktiv was part of the core team in the development, but it now handles the entire development process.

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As the client required assistance with development, we provided a comprehensive solution for their system. We helped with everything from the overall platform to their products, including secure automated payment, product tracking, performance, and more, which you can find on their website. Our method of working is to collaborate closely with the client to ensure continuity as we work as a team rather than working independently. This creates an organically developing team that Piktiv can provide. We achieve this through continuous deliveries and daily communication with stakeholders, which allows us to receive feedback in various ways.

We ensure good communication between our team and the client, discussing what needs to be done, delivering it, and making it work. This happens in small intervals of about a week, in parallel with the client's long-term goals. This close communication means that we build the right product in sync with Impulso's roadmap, adapting our skills to their needs and helping them validate their product with customers and develop it according to customer needs.


Impulso opted for a ready-made development solution from Piktiv, which allowed the client to reach the market faster with less risk compared to other options. Thanks to our feedback and short cycles, they can quickly develop their product and find their market fit.


.NET, C#, Azure, React, Typescript, PostgreSQL

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