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Brand New Profile - Reaching high-value customers 


Brand New Profile is an e-commerce company that sells profile products mainly for B2B-companies but also private customers. We began working with them in early 2022, after we had done an audit of their online presence. They had been struggling with their digital marketing and felt that their current strategy wasn’t living up to their expectations.

They relied heavily on Google Ads and specifically in Google Shopping, since they are an e-commerce business with over 25 000 products that their customers can choose from and order. We saw a need for improvement in how they worked with Google Shopping but also with digital marketing in general.

+ 20 %

Quotation requests

- 30 %

Cost per conversion


Our approach to optimizing any digital tools involves testing various methods to find out the best strategy for the customer. With Google Shopping Ads, we began by creating a structure on the Google Ads account linked to the Merchant Center, enabling us to create and test ads. We started by testing shopping campaigns and smart campaigns in Google Ads for their products. Within these campaigns, changes were made, such as bidding strategies, to optimize each campaign and evaluate which campaign type works best for Brand New Profile. By encouraging our clients to test different approaches to shopping ads, based on our previous knowledge, we help them find the best solution and see further opportunities from the results. Since fall 2022, we have also begun testing performance max campaigns as another alternative for shopping ads.

We didn't stop at shopping ads. We discussed more opportunities to attract customers throughout their entire buying journey; see, think, do, care. Different channels are used to attract users' attention depending on where they are in their buying journey. For this client, display campaigns are used to familiarize users with Brand New Profile and what they offer (the see stage).


When planning out campaigns, it's important to consider factors that can affect the company. In this case, the client has seasonally-based products that are marketed on Facebook and Instagram at the right time of year, such as golfing clothes during spring and candy during Easter.

In order to retain existing customers, who have great value for the company, we use retargeting ads to give them product suggestions based on their earlier purchases. This means getting the right product to the right user.

During this whole process, communication is vital. With a close, ongoing dialogue with Brand New Profile about the progress and the many tests that we conduct, we can discuss what to do next together. Sharing our knowledge with our clients helps them better understand our work and what is possible. All of this, combined with time and trust from both ends, helps to build a good relationship which leads to results.


Looking at the results of us partnering up with Brand New Profile, the data is a bit flawed due to extensive problems with the Product Feed in the beginning of 2022. But we can see an increase in conversions looking at previous years data of around 20% in people who have requested a quotation and a decrease in cost per conversion with 30%. 

We’ve also enabled the measurement of offline purchases, thanks to working with real sales numbers integrated with Google ads. This makes advertising more cost-efficient. The implementation of a rigid retargeting strategy has also increased their rate of returning customers and made them want to come back for more. 

Going forward, we aim to strengthen the customer's buying journey by letting campaigns work for real sales numbers, offline and online. This opens up an opportunity where Google can find high-value customers and direct ads towards them.

Partnering up with Piktiv has enabled us to find a tight and smart collaboration where we initially put up a long-term strategy for our digital marketing which we follow up and adjust on a weekly basis, so that we are on track with our KPI’s. All this enables us to enhance our advertising spend in both Google and Meta.

The key to our successful collaboration is the combination of a long-term strategy, daring to test new things and continuously tuning and adjusting.

Fredrik Holm, founder of Brand New Profile

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