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About us

Piktiv is a home for world class experts, and our mission is to make the world more intelligent together with our clients.

A formula for excellence

"Piktiv is a company where quality matters most and we dare to work the right way.

We believe in the strengths of every individual and letting them utilize those strengths to do the right things right. Piktiv should be a place of work that never strays from this. Our long lasting business relations with our many clients is proof of that." - Jonas Bjering, Founder

Jonas Bjering
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Fantastic Consultants

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Years in the business

Piktiv’s journey started in 2009 where one consultant working around the clock just couldn’t keep up with the demands for his services.

He started to grow a team of consultants and the ball just kept rolling, now we have approximately 50 employees in 3 cities working not only with software but also with game development and business growth.

If there is one thing you can trust within IT consultancy it is that new opportunities spring up when you least expect them, which is why our building blocks include flexibility and a willingness to learn new things. We have a tech-agnostic approach where we are open to using any technology as long as it solves our clients' problems. We exist to be a home for our experts where they can grow alongside our clients and make the world a smarter place.

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High quality software

With unmatched transparency and inclusivity into our process, we’ll provide you with tight feedback loops during our development process. To us, it’s the only way to truly achieve high quality software that exactly matches your business needs and provides a scalable solution.

Dedicated developers

We care about our work, and that begins with you. We go beyond our deep interest in technology and commit ourselves to understanding your business case. We are with you, all the way.

The team

Piktiv is home to a diverse group of people, both in nationality and specialization, with one thing in common: we love to solve the trickiest problems for our clients!

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