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About us

Your digital partner

We exist to help you. Whether it’s in growing your business, providing tailored solutions or helping out in your existing organization, we’d love to hear about your ideas, problems and wishes.

Piktiv is a company where quality is most important and where we dare to work the right way.

Jonas Bjering, Founder


Our main areas of business

How we think

Four paths to digital success

The simple solution is sometimes the most elegant

Nothing should be made more complex than it absolutely needs to be. Sometimes you only need three consultants to reach your goal, rather than dozens. We scale according to your needs, not ours.

Consultants who understand your business

At Piktiv, we care deeply about the services we provide, and we want you to succeed. That can only be achieved if we fully view the world from your perspective.


We like to talk about profitability

A Piktiv consultant isn’t just an expert in their field, they are also vigilant about economic sensibility. If it doesn’t make sense financially, rethink it.

Constant improvement

All Piktiv consultants share a love of learning new things and improving themselves. Learning is at the core of what we’re about; curiosity is what drives us.

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